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neopren Yamaha Kando 2 pánský

Doporučená cena:8034 Kč
Dostupnost:do týdne
Kód EAN Varianta Dostupnost Cena prodejní  
D17-KN021-B6-0S S do týdne 8034 Kč   koupit
D17-KN021-B6-0M M do týdne 8034 Kč   koupit
D17-KN021-B6-0L L do týdne 8034 Kč   koupit
D17-KN021-B6-1L XL do týdne 8034 Kč   koupit
D17-KN021-B6-2L XXL do týdne 8034 Kč   koupit
D17-KN021-B6-3L XXXL do týdne 8034 Kč   koupit
Marine Kando Full Wetsuit

neopren Yamaha Kando 2 pánskýneopren Yamaha Kando 2 pánskýneopren Yamaha Kando 2 pánský
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Technické informace

Kando is our company's philosophy. It is the Japanese expression for the simultaneous feelings of deep satisfaction and intense excitement that one experiences when you encounter something of exceptional value. As with all our products, we strive to bring you Kando. Our Marine Kando Full Wetsuit - consisting of a Long John and Jacket - is inspired by our Kando spirit.

  • Made of double Neoprene nylon, feel soft and comfort to wear
  • 2.0mm super stretched and durable neoprene
  • Hydrophobic Skin panels on the chest area of the Jacket and Wetsuit repel water for better warmth and extra comfort
  • 3D knee panels are covered with bomb-proof Ink for extra protection
  • Prevents water from coming in and out thanks to the Glide skins
  • Firm stitch construction that is also soft on your skin
  • Sleeveless Long John wetsuit with full length back zipped opening
  • The wetsuit is outfitted with a front zipped opening jacket for those colder days
  • Features printed Yamaha logo and 'Kando' in Japanese characters

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